Jess came into our world in April 2015.  We had lost both of our dogs last year and were undecided for a long time if we would get another dog or if we were ready for another dog.  Despite my husband and my doubts (the rest of the family had already decided they wanted another dog), we still regularly checked websites to look at dogs on offer.

Then I saw Jess, she was an old skinny black Huntaway with a white face, immediately I said to my husband, “this is our next dog”.  We didn’t discuss her any further until a couple of weeks later she was still online and we decided to ring Dog Rescue to see if she was available.  Unfortunately, we were told, somebody else was interested in her and if that fell through then we would be contacted.  I felt really disappointed that I had left it so long and we had missed out on the opportunity to love her…  Then later that day the phone rang and it was Dog Rescue saying that the person had fallen through and no longer wanted to trial her. YIPPEE!!!

We went to meet Jess at the dog park and took her for a walk.  She was a lovely old dog and we all came away wanting her to come with us.  The rest is history, after our property inspection and completing the required paperwork Jess arrived.

She has settled into our house beautifully, she has more beds than the rest of the combined household and as of late has taken to just sleeping on the Dining Room floor without her bed, that may be because of her past life, she had no idea of luxury… She has put on just over 10kg in 4 months and no longer has bones poking out.  She loves her walks and has the best manners, she is very obedient.  We have never heard her bark!  She has commandeered the children’s playhouse outside as the door is lined up with a direct view into our kitchen and she lies there in the sun watching us.  She doesn’t really like being inside unless it’s on her terms (usually after tea) and that is when her playful side comes out, she flicks the dining room door open then bounds down the hall and crashes through the lounge door before flopping down and rolling over to demand her tummy be scratched.

We adore Jess and feel so lucky that she is part of our family and happy that her twilight years will be spent with lots of love and comfort.

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