Hi I’m Spencer

I would like to share my story with you.

One day i was found wandering around by the pound. They took me in and fed me and tried to find my owner.
Alas they couldn’t. People came to see me when i was there but no one wanted me because i was too big.. My week at the pound came to and end and i was worried about what might happen to me. Then DRD rescued me and took me in. They gave me a bed to sleep on some cool toys,which i still like to chew on. They fed me , gave me a microchip and gave me a registration tag. I was so happy. My human saw me on the DRD website and decided to come and meet me. We ran around the dog park and had a good time together. Then he rang DRD and said he wanted me to come to his house and see what i thought. I got there and there was a huge well fenced yard for me to run around in. It was great. He had to make the gates a little higher cos i can jump really high because I’m so big and strong. Next i checked out the house. Well i was sold. there was couches and beds everywhere for me to climb up on. I even have my own couch in the lounge ! I love going to the beach and i love to run in the surf. i have a best dog friend he’s a vizsla and is full of energy. we love to play together. we chill out in front of the fire when he comes to stay or we run around the yard or the beach. Where ever it is we play happily.

I love to go for walks too , but i am very strong and my human sometimes struggles. but usually its good. We make each other happy and i am never going to leave. Thank you DRD for finding me this wonderful home and saving me.


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