Sponsor a Dog

Would you like to support a particular dog? Choose a pound dog needing to be rescued or one in foster care, and let us know you wish to sponsor him or her. Options are:

  • Help him/her out of the pound. The cost for the required registration and microchipping varies by month but is $60 on average.
  • Pay for his/her initial vet check and vaccinations, $80 on average.
  • Pay for his/her desexing. Nearly all dogs are entire when we rescue them, and we desex them all. On average bitches cost $300, and dogs cost $200.
  • Sponsor the dog’s food, $15/week.
  • Help with special vet care or a special diet. Quite a few dogs have medical conditions when we rescue them.
  • Help with advertising costs, for dogs having trouble finding a new home. $80 buys an ad with a picture in the newspaper classifieds.
  • provide full sponsorship for the initial rescue: registration/microchipping, vet check/vaccinations, and desexing. Total $440 for bitches and $340 for dogs.

If you would like to sponsor a dog please email us to let us know at info@dogrescuedunedin.nz and fill in our donation form below using the references “sponsor” and the dog’s name. If the dog you would like to sponsor is in the pound, then before you donate we will have to let you know whether it is to be rescued, on the day it becomes available (it may be claimed, adopted straight from the pound, or we may be having difficulty finding a suitable foster home).

Dog Rescue Dunedin’s activities are ONLY funded by donations from the public, grants and sales of merchandise.
Donations are Tax Deductable.

Dunedin Dog Rescue Sponsor