Tank was adopted about August 2014 and he came to a home that has two other dogs with personality, 11 cats with their own individual expectations of dog behaviour and 5 chickens.  From the beginning he fitted in here really well.  It could have something to do with his mischievous streak and his love to play with all the foster dogs that come to stay in the house.  He delights in a muddy puddle, pond or bath.  Tank is equally at home in the bed, in front of the heater. On a culinary note he has taken out two couches, some of the end of the bed, the gear stick in the car, so one can say he has expensive taste gastronomically.  He is also fond of the alternative which is actually food.  Tank is a happy dog, and a lovable rogue who is easily forgiven for all misdemeanors and is utterly loved.

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