Gorgeous Max arrived with his bed, blankie he loves, food and toys so we didn’t have to buy anything (apart from more toys).  He also knew all the basic commands (and a few tricks to impress us) which was very helpful.  We’ve had ongoing support from Dunedin Dog Rescue from day one and I cannot praise them enough for their love, dedication and effort they put into giving these lovely doggies another chance for a better life.  The trainers, the fosterers, the volunteers, everyone behind the scenes.  We’ve dealt with Lisa from day one and what an amazing person she is.  Max clearly remembered too and was very happy to see Lisa a few months later at our reunion.

Max is a big, strong boy and sometimes too smart for his own good (he can open the doors – even the heavy firedoor variety  – and will only need a second to pinch your food if you are distracted enough to leave a plate out – just in case he never gets fed again – but we are working on it J) . 

Unfortunately, he wasn’t socialised at all during his young life so everything was new to him.  That came with its challenges, but he’s a quick learner. It’s been wonderful seeing the transformation on a daily basis.  Despite his unfortunate introduction to life, he is loving, eager to please and more and more affectionate every day. 

It’s very cold in Queenstown at the moment so his favourite spot is in front of a heatpump.  If he could, he’d probably climb inside it.  Don’t expect to finish a carrot without having to share.  The first crunch and he’ll appear out of nowhere. He has manners so instead of rushing to scoff food, he’ll do a funny moonwalk away from his bowl until he’s told that it’s ok to eat.  He will sit at a crossing and wait for your tell him it’s ok to walk.  He will shake your hand like a real gentleman. He loves balls and is a serious chewer.  He’s particularly interested in how the squeaky ones work and loves shredding them to bits to find out. 

Life is so much better with Max.  Thanks to everyone at Dunedin Dog Rescue for looking after all these lovely dogs, you are amazing!


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