You may remember Ted being rescued by DRD after running wild for several months during which time he injured his leg so badly that the decision was made to remove it. Ted quickly adapted to being a tripod dog but he is taking a bit longer to recover from his fear of most humans. After his op he was fostered by Carmel who gave him all the love and support he needed after his traumas and then he came to us on trial. He is a loveable boy but lots of basic things are just a bit harder for him. He wouldn’t eat while we watched him, he bolted under the table if he saw a man, he hid behind a tree if he was startled outside and he couldn’t be trained by treats as he had no interest in such things! However, little bits of progress were made each day and we rejoiced so much when he ate all his dinner in front of us and enjoyed a cuddle with us both. We quickly came to love him and our two other huntaways happily let him join their pack.
We are lucky to have 2 acres of garden for the mob to run around in and they certainly do that whenever they can. Nemo has taught Ted to chase birds (or aeroplanes or helicopters or anything that flies!) and Jess tolerates her new adoring friend who herds her up as she walks in stately fashion down the garden.
Still lots to do in making Ted feel more comfortable with visitors and less nervous of new things but he responds well to lots of cuddles and praise, so that’s what he gets in spades! Thank you, DRD, for letting us have our third rescue huntaway, we love them all.
Mandy and Terry, Nemo, Jess and Ted!



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