Tee (aka T-Bone)

Tee came to us on trial on 15 June 2015. From the moment he arrived we knew there was no way he would be living anywhere else but with us. We already have two dogs – An aging female, Ella and a three year old boy, Hendrix. Ella took the new addition in her stride, but Hendrix, always wanting to be the centre of attention, was jealous for a bit. Inevitably there were a few ‘disagreements’ and sorting of the pecking order, but they all soon learned their place – with Ella the matriarch, at the top and Tee at the bottom – a position he is more than pleased with.
Tee is such a happy boy – always wagging his tail and with his tongue hanging out. He is very exuberant and loads of fun. He loves kisses. Boy does he love kisses. Such an affectionate boy.

Something else he loves is FOOD. Always hanging round, prepared to pounce if something falls off the bench or your plate and willing it to happen. No garbage disposal required in our kitchen – he’ll eat just about anything. Tee’s favourite activities include rides in the car, playing at the Wakari dog park, runs along the beach, chasing balls and Frisbees (as long as they’re Hendrix’s balls and Frisbees – he has no interest in chasing his own toys), and chewing things – especially plastic bottles.

He knows he has it good. Not only does he get to sleep on the bed, but under the covers. And he is very rarely without human companionship, as my son works night shift while I work during the day. But it’s not just him who has it good. We consider ourselves lucky also. He has brought so much joy to not only me and my son, but also to the other dogs. We are one big happy family.

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