About Us

Ros MacGill and Jo Pollard

Photograph of Ros MacGill and Jo Pollard with Punky. Photo courtesy Otago Daily Times.

Dog Rescue Dunedin (DRD) officially began on 9th Dec, 2011 when co-ordinator Dr Jo Pollard signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding with Dunedin City Council`s Animal Control staff.

Dogs picked up by Animal Control only have seven days in which to be claimed. Unclaimed dogs are available to the public for $198 but only some dogs find homes this way.

Dog Rescue Dunedin Charitable Trust now rescues these dogs, provides veterinary care (including desexing), food and home-based foster care and advertises them until they find their “forever homes”. We also run a desexing programme for dogs from members of the public.

Being a young charity we have to work very hard to meet our costs and run our operation. We do not have the financial resources of long-established charities, nor do we own any premises. Dog lovers are encouraged to help us make a big difference to dog welfare in Dunedin.

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