🌟🐾 Missed Mabel – Gorgeous, Well-Mannered Canine Companion! 🐾🌟

Resilient Mabel is still with us, a captivating 2-year-old Greyhound mix. This fantastic dog eagerly awaits the chance to become a cherished member of your family. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Mabel, and we can’t emphasise enough how wonderful she is.

🐾 Personality and Manners:
Mabel is not just a pretty face, she is well-mannered, obedient, and a quick learner. At her young age, she has already mastered name recognition and recall, making her an easy addition to any household. Her leash manners are impeccable, showcasing her adaptability and eagerness to please. Mabel is a loving dog that will undoubtedly capture your heart from the moment you meet her.

πŸ• Social Skills:
A high-energy dog with excellent social skills, Mabel can effortlessly integrate into a home that already has another dog. She has been tested in various environments with dogs of all sizes, earning praise for her friendly and positive interactions. Although Mabel unfortunately would not suit a home with young children or smaller fluffy creatures, including cats, chickens and bunnies as these are too exciting for her. She would be well-suited for households with older teenagers, given that her enthusiasm can sometimes be overwhelming.

Mabel is a fully-charged high energy dog, this means that she would thrive in a home as an energetic running/exercise companion. Despite her energy, once she has had her daily exercise she will enjoy the day to chill out, but if left for too many days between walks, will get a bit bored, therefore would suit a family or friend that would take her out daily.

🚧 Work in Progress:
While Mabel is a well-behaved canine, her foster carers are actively addressing her escape artist abilities, she secretly is a high-jump champion. With consistent training and patience, this hurdle is on its way to becoming a distant memory, but requires high fencing due to her size and impressive jumping ability.

πŸ•°οΈ Waiting For That Perfect Family Dream:
Despite Mabel’s remarkable qualities, she remains with us, patiently biding her time for the perfect family. Watching many other Dog Rescue dogs find loving homes, only intensifies her hope, as she anticipates the day when her family will come for her.

🌈 Make Mabel’s Dreams Come True This New Year – Adopt, Love, and Enjoy the Unconditional Bond! πŸ•πŸ’«