🐾 Morty: Your Future Furry Adventure Partner! 🐾

– Looking for a fosterer or adoption home –

Hey there, dog lovers and couch cuddlers! Are you ready to meet your new best friend? Well, look no further, because Morty the BIG goof is here to steal your heart and fill your days with laughter and wagging tails!

At approximately 3 years old, Morty is the perfect blend of playfulness and companionship. This handsome Shepherd cross is more than just good looks – he’s got brains too! Morty is a quick learner, proving that he’s ready to embark on new adventures and master new tricks with you by his side.

Got energy to spare? Morty does too! This energetic boy is your ideal partner for daily walks and runs. But hey, don’t worry about missing out on those chill moments – after all the excitement, Morty’s snuggle game is on point.

Morty’s social skills are in the works, but that’s part of his charm! He’s all about making new furry friends, but sometimes his enthusiasm gets the best of him. Morty has received professional training and has made progress but will require continued dedication from prospective adopters.

As awesome of a boy as Morty is, he would not suit a home with cats or livestock.

To provide Morty with the best opportunity, we are hoping for a foster-to-adopt home situation where he can adjust to his new environment at his own pace.

Come meet Morty today and get ready to embark on a lifetime of tail-wagging adventures together! 🐶❤️