Meet sparkling RUBY.

Ruby is a 1 year old collie/lurcher X who is currently being fostered in Christchurch.

She is a bouncy young lady with the energy of a Duracell battery and the speed and acceleration of a formula one car although, when not using these super powers, she likes to stretch out in any patch of sunshine she can find.

She loves travelling in the car and is doing well at learning to walk on a lead without pulling. She sleeps in a crate overnight and is happy to be left for short periods as long as she has a nice strong chewy toy to keep her company. She comes when she is called and knows sit, down and wait, but there’s no doubt she’s a fast learner, so we are sure she would pick up new tricks really easily, especially if there are treats to be had.

Being a sighthound she needs a home with no chickens or small fluffy animals, but she doesn’t seem to mind cats or other doggy companions. And, just in case she spots something in the distance, she will need high fencing to stop her taking off in pursuit.

Ruby is a young pup who hasn’t had much chance at life so far. She shows every sign of growing into a lovely family dog. So if you have the kind of place she needs and are willing to continue her training, Ruby may just be the precious jewel for you.