🐾🌟 Meet Tui – Your New Three-Legged Companion! 🌟🐾

Tui stands out from the ordinary pup – she’s a delightful 10-month-old bundle of charm, brimming with an unbreakable spirit, overflowing love, and an enchanting curiosity that will capture your heart from the very first moment. πŸΆπŸ’–

Here’s why Tui is the perfect addition to your home:

🐾 Adorable Shadow: Tui is the cutest little shadow you’ll ever have. With only three legs, she’ll follow you around the house, eager to be a part of whatever adventure you embark on. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or relaxing on the couch, Tui will be right there by your side.

πŸ– Foodie Extraordinaire: Tui has a nose for delicious scents. If it smells good, you can bet Tui will be interested! From kitchen aromas to outdoor delights, she’s always up for a culinary adventure. However, broccoli doesn’t quite make it onto her menu – it’s the one thing she’ll politely leave untouched.

πŸ›‹οΈ Couch Owner: When not actively exploring the house and yard, Tui loves to indulge in some couch comfort. She’s equally content observing the world from the comfort of her favorite spot.

🦴 Playful Spirit: Despite having three legs, Tui is a spirited and playful pup. She might not be the fastest, but she loves interactive games and playing.

πŸ‘‰ Adorable Etiquette: Tui is well-behaved in every way. She exhibits good lead manners, waits patiently for her food, and is adept at leaving things undisturbed.

🐱 Some Furry Friends Welcome: Tui is currently living with two cats and is learning how to respect their boundaries and claws. While she is sociable with other dogs, she will need a proper introduction. It’s important to note that Tui won’t suit a home with free-range small animals like bunnies, as these are just too exciting for her.

❀️ Heath and Wellness: As Tui is a tripod dog she has a few limitations and will require a home that understands her unique needs.

🏑 Tui’s Big Adventure: The outside world is a tad scary for Tui, and she’s still learning what certain things are, especially when it comes to young kids. For this reason, Tui would thrive best in a home without the hustle and bustle of little ones.