Foster Homes Needed to Enable Us to Rescue Dogs from the DCC Pound

  • a fully fenced property.
  • time to care for and preferably train the dog.
  • fully vaccinated and compatible pets.

We assess all dogs after they have been rescued from the pound prior to placing them in foster care.

Potential fosterers have a property inspection to ensure the fencing, housing and care will be suitable for a household pet. We also note the sort of environment you can provide in terms of cats, dogs, other pets, children, exercise and training so that we can match you up with a suitable foster dog.

Dogs stay with fosterers for anywhere between a few hours and several weeks. The length of stay depends very much on chance – who happens to be looking for what sort of dog to adopt, and (sadly) the perceived attractiveness of the dog is often a big factor.

  • Provide basic training (as needed).
  •  Provide exercise.
  •  Assist with our fundraising stalls
    occasionally with your foster dog. This helps with showcasing the dog so the public
    can meet the dog and chat to you informally.
  • Meet with potential adopters (in your own home or in a neutral place e.g. a dog park).
  • Provide updates of your foster dog’s progress and behaviour to Dog Rescue Dunedin so we can update the dog’s profile and advertisements.
  • Provide photos for advertising purposes (if possible).
  • Transport the dog to and from the vet for desexing (if not already desexed).


  • food for your foster dog.
  • bedding, toys (if available).
  • help with training.
  • assistance with dog walking (as required).
  • veterinary care.

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