Well, you have to say that Freddy has all the home comforts these days, don’t you? What a life! His new owners tell us how well he is getting on (except perhaps for the cat thing!) :-

“He’s the ugliest dog we have ever seen, but he’s quite nice” – feedback from friends and whānau regarding Freddy, our lovely and beautiful rescue doggo.
Freddy came to us as an underweight and undernourished pupper from whānau and friends who were fostering him through Dog Rescue Dunedin. During our trial we knew that there was no way we could let him go at the end and that he was now a member of our small whānau. After a few weeks with us his mostly placid nature disappeared as he became healthier and more comfortable with us, now he is a full on blast of energy in our home but we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Freddy has made lovely new connections with both our human friends and their dogs, he has so much love to share that it sometimes proves to be a wee bit overwhelming, but he never means any harm, and how can anyone stay mad at this little face? – Under bite and all.
Freddy is very cheeky and loves to test the boundaries. He loves to go visit the neighbours, he loves to snuggle on the bed – never much concerned about our comfort as long as he gets the best spot, he loves to sit on everyone’s lap and he wishes the cat loved him as much as he loves her. As our first dog (we have each had family dogs growing up but never one of our own) he has pushed our buttons, made us very happy and taught us so much in such a short amount of time.
Freddy is a loyal and caring wee creature who, despite his antics, is showing a lot of positive progress in his social interactions and with following commands. He is a good boy and we can’t imagine life without him. We are looking forward to continuing to see him grow, learn and have the life that he deserves after what I can only imagine was a hard and unfair beginning.




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