We love getting letters from our rescue dogs and Gin has sent us one which made us all smile!

Hello, it’s me Gin again! Updating you all on how my life is going since I moved in with my new family! Things have been really exciting.

I am always having fun with my red ball and nearly every weekend I get to visit my best friend Sylvia we like to run all over the place and get really muddy!

I also really like the cat Tabby, I probably like her too much. I always am trying to play chase with her, but I don’t think she likes me very much yet. I love car rides with my family and going on long walks, life has been great! After I’m all tired out I love to stretch out on the couch with my paws up and relax.

Although I’m still learning to behave properly I have learnt lots of cool tricks like shaking hands and rolling over. The cat even taught me to push my bowl of food over, I don’t think my family like that though.

I love my new family, all my new dog friends and even the cat. I have been having so much fun and will continue too.

Thanks dog rescue!

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