Pup (aka Pupetta)

The story of Pup-etta aka Peta-the- Pup

We’ve always owned several dogs, but after losing her companion Smudge, our Anatolian Shepherd “Hola” found herself the only canine member of the household for the first time. We came across Pup online in December last year and couldn’t help but get in touch to meet this gorgeous 2 ½ year old staffy/bulldogX.

The first encounter was promising and a series of beach walks on and off the lead with the host family followed until everybody felt ready for a trial period at the new home. Pup arrived with her own dog bed, blankets, lead and up-to- date vaccinations. Mostly she needed to adjust to not being the sole centre of attention, but in no time took to racing Hola over the paddocks, playing tug-of- war with her and even washing the newly arrived kittens! She’s already been on holidays to a bach at the beach, met other dogs and lots of new people, explored new environments and felt completely part of the new pack.

Above all, Pup-etta or ‘Peta’ is definitely the most exuberant and joyful dog we ever owned and at the same time one the best trained ones. Every morning is greeted with unbelievable happiness and energy to share and Hola in turn has become her alert self again. Peta loves sharing whatever goes; sitting in front of the heater, joining in to feed out the animals, going for a ride in the car or just lying in the hay with a bone. A truly happy end for all! Thanks to the amazing voluntary work and passion from the Dog Rescue Dunedin team.




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