Rosie was a 9 month old Staff X when we adopted her from Dog Rescue Dunedin.

We don’t know much about her previous life although she was in a foster home with another dog for the two weeks prior to adoption which was obviously very beneficial as she had some good basic training.

After our two week trial we fell in love with her and decided to adopt but it wasn’t for a few more weeks that her true personality came out.

Rosie is super playful and very intelligent but only seems to have two speeds; slow gear and 5th gear! She absolutely loves people and greets everyone with wild enthusiasm!

She has fitted right in to our household and we feel blessed to have adopted such a lovely girl. It’s also really heartening to know we have been able to home an animal who needed help rather than just purchase one from a shop or a breeder.

I would like to thank Lisa and Dog Rescue Dunedin for their help and professionalism right from the start!



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