Below is an update from Nellie’s new family:

Nellie, a rottie/cross huntaway, who would have thought that such a large dog would be a cute, sweet, adorable addition to our family.

When I first saw her, Dog Rescue was bringing her over for a looksee. I looked, and I saw a large dog.  My daughter was looking out the window and saw a sweet dog. Nellie left, friends said, don’t get her she is too big. Well, we took her for the two week trial..and it wasn’t a trial, it was a complete fall in love with dog time.

Nellie and a ball go together.  She lives for catching and bringing back a ball. When she is in our living room in the evening she picks up a ball, and drops it to entertain herself.

We have 3 cats, and Nellie wants to be friends with each of them.  They have no fear of her as they sense she wont harm them.  When they are around she keeps her distance, but at the same time she is curious about them…going close to just have a look, but not too close.  Such self control. This special dog, sweet natured, loves putting her head on my lap, could lick me to death, has come into our lives through a wonder organization. Someone had put time into Nellie, but left her, and thanks to Dog Rescue she is now ours.

Not on your Nellie…quaint saying…but our thoughts are yes on your Nellie…completely solid as a rock.


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